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cool game

Noice) like it



why do they now only aim for my head


Great game, 

An infinite mode with randomized weapon types and a high score counter after you beat the main game would be a fun addition.  

The AI of the enemies could also get more aggressive as you win more rounds.

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First dude is easy to beat, just keep repeatedly kicking him (rmb to kick).

Second guy has brass knuckles but isn't a threat to you, just like last time keep kicking him.

You have unlocked the bat, purchase it. Get blood by removing fingers of your right arm

The next three enemies have a bat, some bamboo spear thingy and a knife. Every time you succesfully hit them (with the bat) immediately step back so they can't hit you back.

You've unlocked the shovel, purchase it. Get Blood by removing fingers of your right arm.

The next six enemies have a shovel, sword, spear, axe, umbrella and a flail. Every time you succesfuly hit them (with the shovel)  immediately step back so they can't hit you back.

This is what i always do, and it has been succesful every time.

it would be great if we can heal our wounds with our remaining blood

yes it really would

the game would be too easy in my opinion

i beat da game on first try guys!you need to use blood spairingly
i did and i wont the game :)

omfg this is so *^%^&# hard

I thought it was funny to have one arm and zero legs buy fighting the umbrella got rid of my other arm so I TRYED to kill myself but this guy got my stomach then killed me (I had a red head and chest)

you should sell one of your arms and one of your legs, legs will just have a little speed debuff but with one leg you still can kick, hands, well... they just kinda make you weaker without one hand, other than that the other hand is pretty much useless

dont go out the match cuz you cant go back


I couldn't get the game to open :( i know not your fault but i need help

If you're having trouble with the HTML version of the game, I added an executable file to run it on Windows.

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I only sold my 2 fingers and I bought Bambus stick. Call me: "Bambus finger"

how to move

yo i won. Good game

ranged items make it too easy to poke and not get hit at all but the idea of this game is super coo

cool game, wish the oppenent lost a feature too as they progress

sold my left arm at the start then feet at purple umbrella. dont buy knife, axe and mace.

too ez

very great game, really cool music

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This takes costing an arm and a leg to a whole new level


Sold left arm and then used fist until I unlocked shovel. Went Leaky Eyed Luca route ;). (Yes that was a Jojo reference)


the katana is so op


Btw dont sell your feet



I got stuck in the wall 



pretty cool, bit hard, wish you can heal body parts tho <3





Pro tip: Shovel

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Idk how to open .gmz files, please help i wanna run the game from my pc not the internet

I added an executable file to run the game on Windows.

Advice: Keep your at least a few fingers, head, chest, and legs

just remove your fingers, from the hand u dont use, then do the feet and slowly do the legs

remove arms then kick to the top


you need arms to attack.


you can kick with rmb


add mobile support

sometime i cant move :(


I wish I could heal with blood or buy back limbs for base price


i love game like this


meh 3/10

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